Splice Posts new sit-stand grading desk

Splice sit stand grading desk

With all the research that shows how beneficial sit-stand desks can be to our health, mood and productivity, it’s no wonder that AKA are seeing a marked rise in requests for their rise-and-fall desks. This month, the company installed another one of its custom rise-and-fall grading desks in Splice Post’s new grading and viewing theatre, as part of a refurbishment project. Splice Post is a creative and independent post production house, with two facilities in East London, creating content for all major broadcasters, independent film and commercials. The new AKA rise-and-fall desk was designed to house Splice’s FilmLight Baselight colour grading system.

“With the typically-long hours worked in post-production, it’s very helpful to be able to stand and vary your working position,” said Guy Wilson, AKA’s Managing Director. “The rise-and-fall desk has presets for height, making it easy for different users to work in Splice’s new grading theatre without fear of losing someone else’s settings! There are custom light presets in the room too, providing complete control over your working environment.”

Last year, AKA also installed 58 of its rise-and-fall offline editing desks at The Farm Group’s new facility in Newman Street, London, to allow a more comfortable working experience for operators; the desks have already received very positive feedback from users there. “There has been interest in the rise-and-fall desks from audio customers too,” Guy continued, “not just editing and grading facilities, as this style of working continues to grow in popularity.”