• Grading

    AKA can design and custom build grading desks for numerous applications and colour grading panels and we have installed desks to hold Filmlight, DaVinci Resolve and Nucoda. Take a look at the gallery for example installations and contact our sales team to discuss your project..

    Clients include: Envy, Evolutions, Ascent 142, The Farm, Gorilla, Narduzzo too, Goldcrest Post, Unit Media, Molinare & Technicolor


Grading Installation Projects

The Farm Group – Newman Street

The Farm’s new 33,000 sq ft facility in Newman Street is to date one of the largest projects AKA has undertaken. We supplied 57 rise and fall custom editing desks, 3 huge grading desks, 6 audio studios with curved Avid S6 consoles and a bold statement with “The Pill” reception desk.


AKA were delighted to again to win the tender for ENVY’s sixth facility dedicated to advertising work. This £3 million refit in Mortimer Street took over four months to complete and AKA supplied 20 off-lines, 6 on-lines, 1 Baselight grading suite and 3 audio suites including 1 Dolby Atmos studio. The final sections included a 12 seater production desk and an eye catching main reception.

Goldcrest Films

AKA were comissioned to design and supply two identical grading desks to incorporate the Davinci Resolve grading panels. The resulting curved desk was six metres long with dedicated positions for the colourist and clients. The materials used were Crown American Walnut, leather and Aluminium.

Narduzzo too

The multi-award winning colourist Vince Narduzzo, owner of Narduzzo too which  is an independent grading and full restoration facility that has commissioned AKA with bespoke grading theatres in both Pinewood Studios and Goldcrest Post, Soho.


As part of Molinare’s facility revamp in 2010 AKA was asked to help design and layout one of Europe’s largest grading theatres. The 16ft desk had various operator and client positions with the ability for all the monitors to be recessed on motorised arms into the desk. AKA was also asked to supply almost 50ft of leather banquette seating including coffee tables and associated racking. The desk was constructed from Solid and veneered walnut with leather inlays and integrated lighting.


Wales’ Largest TV facilities Group contacted AKA when redesigning their flagship grading suite, wanting a comfortable and welcoming interior. AKA designed and manufactured a large single span desk constructed from Walnut and leather with recessed monitors and panelled frontage. The end result fitted perfectly with this “study” feel interior with chesterfield sofas and period features.

ENVY Post Production

AKA Design has supplied ENVY with five grading desks for their various Soho facilities integrating the latest technology from Film Light and Dolby. In all of these installations we have also supplied a free standing curved lit back screen to obtain the perfect grading environment.

Sim International

World renowned post production and production house Sim International commissioned AKA to build two custom Audio desks to hold Avid’s S6 controller and a production and grading desk for their main Atmos screening room. The layouts designed were produced on CAD and with the advantage of 3D renders all design and finishes were agreed remotely before production. AKA build in acoustic panels into the side legs of all of these units to stop any nasty reflections with in the suite. The studio furniture was then flat packed and shipped to New York to be installed by their own team to keep costs down and avoid expensive site installation. “We couldn’t have been happier with the whole experience and with how the studio desks came out, the quality and finish is outstanding and I would recommend them to any expanding Post house!” Jeff Roth, Partner.

Unit Media

As part of the facility move AKA was asked to supply two Grading desks for their new Soho facility. The picture shows one of our product desks, the ProEdit, that has been modified with Grey inserts to hold the Film Light controller, equipment and monitors. We supplied curved grading screens with integrated lighting to create the perfect grading environment.

The Farm Group

AKA has supplied over six grading desks over the last 10 years for the Farm’s various Soho facilities, each time integrating Nucoda control panels. We also supplied height adjustable monitor stands for the main grade 1 monitor with a 3M single span desk to accommodate both the coulorist and client.

Deluxe 142

AKA have been designing and supplying the 142 Group with all of its Technical, Reception and Audio furniture for the last 15 years. This Grading desk project shows how AKA works with its clients to accomodate the changing Technical requirements for a modern Post House Facility. The desk shown here originally started as a linear editing desk but was converted by us to accomodate the Nucoda Grading panels and ancillary components.