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Post Production

AKA have been fortunate enough to have worked on some of the largest post production facilities around the world, our unrivalled understanding of the work flow means we can design and manufacture a complete suite of post production studio furniture.

We can create a unique style that runs through the whole facility and can supply a complete package of studio furniture including; online desks and offline desks, grading desks, audio desks, VFX and graphic areas as well as production and reception areas.

Post Production Installation Projects

Harbor Picture Company

Harbor’s new facility in the Turnmill building in Farringdon was one of the largest builds we have completed this year. Working with a blank canvas we designed a cohesive mid-century style set of furniture for this state-of-the-art, world class picture and audio facility. For the large theatrical Atmos suite, we used our new interchangeable Avid bucket modules, which allows the user to change positions of the Avid console fader packs to suit their preferences and project workflows. The viewing angle of the custom buckets was designed to the specific studio sightlines.

As part of this package, we also designed and supplied studio furniture for two Atmos home entertainment suites, two ADR rooms, two theatrical Grading rooms, three 4K HDR suites, three Online suites and fifteen Cutting rooms.

Bleat Post Production

AKA were fortunate enough to be involved with this new boutique Post Production facility in the heart of East London’s creative community. We were brought on board at the very early design stages and were tasked with designing studio furniture for both their gorgeous Dolby Atmos Theatrical sound stages. We also designed and supplied multipurpose furniture for their five Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision ready suites. This enables Mixing, Grading and Editing in the same space in amazing HETV and Dolby quality. The S6 desks have client positions at both ends, finished in solid and veneered Walnut over an aluminium space frame with acoustically transparent removable vanity screens.

Splice Post

AKA have been supplying Splice with studio furniture for many years, and it was a privilege to be commissioned again to design and build all the media furniture for their new Nile Street facility.

We custom designed a unique set of media furniture for their six Avid S6 audio studios, as well as Grading, VFX, Editing and Trak-lay rooms The studio furniture had to compliment the industrial interior design feel of this amazing old warehouse. Our rise and fall ProCreate desks were used in the Baselight Grading suites, and were finished in anthracite charcoal lino, which has an incredibly non-reflective desktop finish.

Warner Bros. De Lane Lea

When this renowned Soho facility wanted to refit, upgrade, and expand they appointed AKA to supply studio furniture for their two new 4K HDR Grading Theatres.

The main theatre had a custom desk with electric monitor lifts, which was finished in Alcantara and solid and veneered Walnut. Both theatres included custom client furniture, and AKA also supplied QC and Mastering studio desks using our ProEdit range, with custom bench desking as part of the ongoing facility upgrade.

LIPA  (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts)

AKA have supplied LIPA with all their studio furniture since the facility was built nearly fifteen years ago. It was therefore great to be involved again when they upgraded their audio suites, and we were asked to supply two custom Audio desks to hold the Avid S6 & AMS Neve Genesys G32 consoles. Both desks had equipment racking ergonomically placed around the main consoles and were finished in Crown Oak and Linoleum main tops.

String & Tins Post

This award-winning Post House recently had a large upgrade and expansion at their central London facility, building two more studios and a new reception. AKA were asked to design and supply two audio desks for Avid’s S6 and S1 audio controllers. The new Studio One is a full Dolby Atmos studio and the desk was made in solid and veneered stained Walnut with angled top equipment racks and an open profile for this acoustic space.

ITN Productions

When ITNP wanted to upgrade their Gray’s Inn Road studios to create a high-end audio and editing facility for their external clients, they appointed AKA to design and build all the studio furniture for this expansion. Working closely with the ITN team AKA supplied over 30 online editing desks, two grading desks, four Avid S6 Audio Desks and two QC desks. The desks were made from solid and veneered Oak, leather front buffer bars and white sprayed custom acoustic racks. The edit desks had custom monitor stands to hold the Genelec speakers to create more viewing space for the multiple picture monitors.

Clearcut Pictures

AKA has been supplying Editing and Grading desks to Clear Cut pictures for over 15 years, and we were delighted to be chosen for the major audio upgrade of their three main sound studios. AKA designed and supplied two large format Avid S6 desks for this major technical upgrade at their Shepherds Bush facility. Both desks were finished in solid and veneered oak and soft-touch Lino main worksurfaces. In the Dolby Atmos Studio, acoustic pads had to be added to the side legs to stop any unwanted reflections, which also had an inbuilt mood lighting detail.

Suite Ltd

As part of an on-going upgrade on Suite Post Production’s Soho facility, AKA supplied all the studio furniture including custom audio desk around the Euphonix System 5 controller and grading desk for a Filmlight grading panel. AKA also supplied a number of large off-line suite desks and our ProLite editing desks. This is another great example of how AKA can supply a full suite of Post furniture that matches the feel and equipment for any modern Post facility.

ENVY – Mortimer Street

AKA were delighted to again to win the tender for ENVY’s sixth facility dedicated to advertising work. This £3 million refit in Mortimer Street took over four months to complete and AKA supplied 20 off-lines, 6 on-lines, 1 Baselight grading suite and 3 audio suites including 1 Dolby Atmos studio. The final sections included a 12 seater production desk and an eye catching main reception.

The Farm – Newman Street

The Farm’s new 33,000 sq ft facility in Newman Street is to date one of the largest projects AKA has undertaken. We supplied 57 rise and fall custom editing desks, 3 huge grading desks, 6 audio studios with curved Avid S6 consoles and a bold statement with “The Pill” reception desk.


Goldcrest has unveiled its purpose built Dolby Atmos Premier mixing theatre in its Dean Street premises.
The theatre has a seven metre wide screen, a 15 metre throw and a 6 metre ceiling height throughout. The opening of Dean Street Theatre 1 brings the number of Dolby licensed mixing theatres to three within Goldcrest’s Soho based post facilities. AKA worked closely with the acoustic designers and system integrators to supply all of the studio furniture including dedicated Pro-Tools desks and client seating

750 MPH

750mph is an award winning audio post-production company with eight studios including three Dolby cinema rooms, situated in Golden Square in the heart of Soho. AKA was asked to design and manufacture eight custom audio desks to hold Black Magic’s Fairlight panels, multiple monitors and custom room control panels. The final designs were manufactured from CNC’d aluminium, crown walnut, Corian and leather.

SNK Studios

Fully Dolby Certified for mixing cinema commercials & trailers in 5.1 & 7.1, Studio 7 also holds Dolby Atmos pre-mix status allowing us to track-lay in the latest 360 surround sound format. Studio 7 is also the ideal suite for open-room ADR sessions with space for up to 8 clients and 2 or 3 actors, combined with Studio 1’s good size booth & control room setup, SNK Studios can handle a range of demanding ADR requirements. AKA supplied all the studio furniture including a custom S6 studio desk and matching producers desk.


AKA has worked with Factory since its conception and was asked to design and manufacture a new interior for their flagship post room. The client wanted the D-Control to be integrated into a single sweeping piece of furniture which was finished in Bur Veneers, leather and polyester Lacquer. We are currently supplying two new studio desks for their summer 2013 revamp of studios two and three to incorporate the SSL AWS948

Goldcrest Post

One of the UK’s largest facilities with credits including Pirates of the Caribbean and the Fantastic Mr Fox, has used AKA’s Product line for its editing and sound design suites and we recently completed a new 4K Grading suite. The images shown are of two Post rooms that AKA supplied all the Audio and client furniture including fold-down Voice Over tables and seating.

Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors commissioned AKA to move their entire facility to their new Poland street home this included desking for over 100 after-effects staff, three audio, 5 finishing and two grading suites. As part of the contract AKA were also asked to design and build the reception and bar for their new front of house. This was manufactured from sand blasted English oak. Corian and high gloss lacquer to create this contemporary yet friendly reception area.

Grand Central Recording Studios

The Loft is Grand Central’s newest audio studio which is situated on the 7th floor of their Soho facility with fantastic views over London. AKA were commissioned to do the studio furniture including mobile racks and voice over desks.

The Farm Group – William

AKA have worked closely with the ever expanding Farm Group and has built all of their technical furniture over the past 13 years including four facilities in Soho, a new facilities in Bristol and LA and have recently completed their new facility called William. ” The Farm and AKA have grown up together over the past 15 years and we have never thought of opening a facility in Soho without them. We reckon our staff and clients are owed the very best.” Nicky Sargent– The Farm Group, Owner.

Big Bouy

AKA were commissioned by Big Bouy to move their entire facility to their new Soho Home. AKA designed and manufactured seven 3.5 meter Corian finishing desks and production areas and a stunning front of house Reception bar constructed in cast concrete and high gloss lacquer with integrated mood lighting.

Grand Central Recording Studios

AKA has been fortunate enough to design and build all of Grand Centrals Post production furniture since it started in 1994. This leading Post Production facility has worked on some of the world’s largest advertising campaigns and has seven fully equipped Post production studios at its Soho base. Two of the studios shown are a decade old but still look current and “on trend” which is an ethos we apply to all projects.

Clear Cut Sound

AKA was contacted by this successful Soho based Post Production company to revamp their three existing studios. The pictures shown are of Studio One where the re-designed front wall to incorporate projection and equipment racks, combined with a new main desk in veneered and soild Wenge gave the studio a modern and stylish feel.


Working with technical installation company Absolute CAD AKA designed two purpose built Post studios for ESPN’s Chiswick Park facility. This turnkey project ran on time and on budget and has proved very popular with ESPN’S editors, producers and clients alike.


AKA have been working with Jungle studios since its conception and have supplied numerous audio and reception, bar and editing desks. These pictures show Wave’s Amsterdam facility with custom racks and monitor panels in the Euphonix system 5 desks and the bar and reception for this stylish new facility.

Pinewood Studios

Home of the British film industry, Pinewood’s Film and Television studios have commissioned AKA to supply Editing, Audio and theatre desks for their facility revamp. Working closely with the Pinewood team the main theatre one was re-designed to incorporate additional Pro-Tools rigs and editing stations to meet the modern demands of Film Audio.


AKA have helped Hogarth with their rapid expansion over the last four years, nor only supplying furniture for their three London facilities AKA have supplied and exported Audio and Editing desks to New York, Mexico, Singapore, Bucharest and Hong Kong facilities. These pictures show their new facility at Gramercy Park Studios where AKA supplied Audio, Editing and Grading furniture.


AKA were commissioned by prodigious to design and manufacture 3 Avid S6 audio studio desks for their new London based facility. These were finished in graphite lino and oak to match the studio interiors.

Cine Lab

Cine Lab is a new purpose built film, and Post production complex on the outskirts of Moscow and working alongside the acoustic architects (White Mark Ltd) AKA designed the furniture and “hero” interior elements for all seventeen suites. We also manufactured custom frames for the Euphonix consoles integrating them seamlessly into the studio interiors.

The Farm Group – Home

“The Farm has worked closely with AKA for over 13 years. Guy and his team have created furniture for over ninety of our rooms including edit suites, audio studios, receptions and offices. Their work always manages to be original, practical, on time and most importantly on budget.” David Klafkowski – The Farm Group, Managing Director

Clear Cut Sound

AKA was contacted by this successful Soho based Post Production company to revamp their three existing studios. The pictures shown are of Studio One where the re-designed front wall to incorporate projection and equipment racks, combined with a new main desk in veneered and soild Wenge gave the studio a modern and stylish feel.

Pure Soho

This relatively new start up company shows how the combination of our custom and product sides of the company can work together. Using a custom veneered walnut top combined with a product rack and D-Command tray, AKA were able to meet their budget on this project. The desk originally housed a 16 fader D-Command, but was easily upgraded to a 24 fader D-Command simply by removing the two “infill” panels.

Real World Studios

Peter Gabriel’s Real world studios located in a 200 year old mill in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, AKA were commissioned to manufacture a portable desk that could be wheeled into the main room for Post and trailer projects. AKA also supplied our ProWave system to house SSL’s AWS900 in one of its production rooms.

The Farm Group – LA

AKA were asked to supply two post and producers desks with associated VO furniture for Farms new facility in LA. These desks were designed and manufactured with transportation and ease of installation in mind and when arriving in LA were easily installed by Farms US team, thus keeping costs low and within budget.

Soho Studios

AKA was asked to build all of the furniture for this new Post Production facility in the heart of Soho. Working closely with acoustic designers White Mark Ltd, AKA laid out the facility incorporating all the new consoles including client production and booth areas.

Wave Studios – Amsterdam

AKA have been working with Wave studios since its conception and have supplied numerous audio and reception, bar and editing desks. These pictures show Wave’s Amsterdam facility with custom racks and monitor panels in the Euphonix system 5 desks and the bar and reception for this stylish new facility.