AKA Design furnishes new ENVY Advertising facility

Custom on-line editing desk

AKA Design has designed, built and installed all technical furniture in ENVY’s latest building in Mortimer Street, London, which opened in early September. The building – approximately 12,000 sq. ft. in size – has been redesigned around a central networked hub and will predominantly be used by ENVY Advertising. AKA created the technical furniture for all the rooms, including a Baselight grading suite, Baselight Assist, five Flame Premium suites and all offline suites, each with ENVY’s new logo engraved into the desks. The Mortimer Street building also has a Dolby Atmos premix studio and three Pro Tools sound studios with Avid S6 mixing desks, with a large producers’ desk and new reception desk too.

“The design of the AKA furniture was really able to move on with this latest project, since the whole facility was built in one go,” explained AKA Managing Director, Guy Wilson. “We used denim vanity boards and upholstering throughout, which suited the vibe of the building, and the six-metre-long producers’ table was finished in daniella wood veneer with tiled legs to give it an industrial feel. We also liaised closely with Wire Broadcast throughout the whole project build and system integration process, ensuring a seamless fit with all the technology.”

AKA Design has been working with ENVY since the post facility began about ten years ago and has now designed furniture for all six of the company’s buildings. “I couldn’t possibly begin to count the amount of desks Guy has provided us with!” exclaimed Natascha Cadle, ENVY’s Facility Director. “I was involved with the styling of these new desks for our Mortimer Street building and it was a pleasure collaborating with Guy and AKA. The unusual production desk and hotel-like reception desk – amongst all the other furniture – were beautifully crafted and they are practical and comfortable too.”